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Our platform is aimed at teachers in English-speaking countries who are looking for modern and high-quality teaching materials. We offer a wide range of teaching topics using worksheets with cloze texts, supplemented by interactive content that can be used as a way of checking solutions. This means that the student solutions can be easily accessed and checked during lessons by the students themselves using tablets via QR codes.

What we offer:

  • Wide range of topics: Our materials cover a variety of school subjects, so there is something suitable for every lesson.
  • Interactive elements: In addition to the traditional worksheets that can be purchased at a reasonable price, we offer all interactive content for free, giving all materials.school users the opportunity to make learning at school or at home more dynamic and engaging.
  • Easy accessibility: The interactive content can be accessed quickly and easily via the title search or the QR codes on the worksheets. No registration/login to materials.school is necessary.

Why Choose Our Content?

  • Trusted quality: Our content is created with the latest version of ChatGPT and then checked by us to ensure the highest quality. Should you find any errors, we will be happy to correct them. We are happy to respond quickly when we receive user feedback.
  • Positive feedback: Many teachers who use our materials report that the content is well prepared and that their students are highly engaged in learning due to the quick and easy way to check solutions interactively.
  • User orientation: We attach great importance to ensuring that our website and its content are user-friendly and easily accessible. Please let us know if you have any problems with the design or accessibility.

We invite you to try out our materials and benefit from the advantages of our interactive worksheets. Discover how our innovative content can enrich your lessons!

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